Simon’s Cat on Valentines day!

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We have two Simon’s Cat specials for Valentine’s Day. In the first, Simon Tofield shows how he makes one of the pictures used in the second video. I don’t think the cat’s inamorata is thrilled to get a box o’ mice. And here’s the final product for today: “Dinner Date: Starters.” Note how the cat is […]

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Darwin scholar John van Whye put this on Facebook: it’s Darwin’s only known depiction of himself. John’s notes: Darwin sketched himself as this little stick man on the island of St Helena in July 1836 as the Beagle was sailing home. The sketch represents the strong winds blowing up the sea cliffs while the air on […]

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I thought I was through with Darwin Day, but I’ve got Chuck on the brain. It may seem odd for biologists to hold him in such esteem (creationists often say, mistakenly, that we worship him and find no flaws in his work), but the fact remains that, more than any other scientist, he got things right […]

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Because Geckos are freaking amazing!

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Some of you may find this gross, but it’s still a remarkable achievement of natural selection, and one of those weird things that abound in nature but most of which are yet to be described. It’s the discovery of a “fish-scale” gecko that easily sheds its scales when caught, revealing a bizarre, naked reptile that […]

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what more is there to say?

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From Big Think we have physicist Lawrence Krauss showing why the “teach both sides” argument for evolution—and science in general—is fallacious. This argument is now being inserted into school standards by religionists who have lost repeated court battles trying to get creationism and intelligent design taught explicitly in public schools. Their new tactic is to pass school standards allowing or urging […]

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New Beginnings

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While any who may have been following my spotty and poor blogging for a while, might be hoping for that title to mean something more, I’m sorry to dissapoint…

Those who know me, know that a month ago, we lost  family member.  Whisp, our 15 year old cat, who had been with us through thick and thin, lived with us on 2 continents, helped us through the death of our son, taught my wife how to love and live with cats, and been all-round awesome in every way, had to be put down.  He fought fiercely and bravely to stay at our side.  but died in our arms finally at peace.


That done, it sent our ‘kitten’ Eowyn(12 year old) persian/siamese cross into a bit of a tailspin.  she started showing more tabby than we thought she had.

It also hit us like an axe blow.

We had just started to talk about finding a new companion for Eowyn.  The clincher was seeing her reaching into the bird-cage trying to play with the Cockatiels (Penn and Teller) and almost get her finger nipped off.

Well, it turns out a young couple was given a kitten, told it had been weaned, only to discover that was simply not true and the needs of such a young animal was beyond them.

Well folks, say hello to a very young russian blue who is now named Tymora.  For those unfamiliar with the name ….


Named for the fantasy goddess of the fantasy world of Abeir-Toril.  Goddess of good fortune and adventure. The patron goddess of those who take risks.

5 ways you are unknowingly destroying your Wife? Really? Something smells fishy ….

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So my wife recently pointed me at this article, suggesting that I pick it apart to see if there was much good to be had in it.  She’d looked it over and thought there was maybe a little more good than bad, but it was a close run thing.

5 Ways you are destroying your wife.

So lets take a look at these 5 disastrous and destructive things that this therapist is telling us to do or not to do.

  1. Not providing the basics for the family

    This is pure, anachronistic rigid gender roles.  There is no reason that the male in any relationship these days should be the breadwinner, or the primary breadwinner or even the only breadwinner.  The idea that only the man can or should earn the living for the family is an idea that is going to disempower men, and families.  And will lead to a lot of pride driven poverty.
    It also assumes a heterosexual relationship.  Or maybe our author really wants lesbian couples to be destitute and gay male couples to be rolling in the cash?

    This is followed by a link to a patronising article about why it is wrong to have a 50/50 relationship.

    Upshot – what a load of anachronistic and patronising horse shit.

    Recomendation – find what works for you as a couple, whoever earns whatever, whoever contributes whatever, find a balance that works, and when some stuffy, unbending jerk comes along and tells you you are doing it wrong, point him here so we can tell him just how to put it in his pipe!

  2. Pessimism

    So that is the title of the next point – but he keeps using that word, I do not think it means what he thinks it means, I see nothing in his little screed there about pessimism.
    I do see a screed about how men should toughen up, and buck up and be the tough ones (which has nothing to do with pessimism by the way, I checked, google it!).  So lets take this in two parts.

    a) pessimism – this will change over time, everyone’s attitude to life is based on their outlook and what is happening for them.  My better half and I find that despite me naturally being the pessamistic one, there are lots of times I have been the force for positivity.

    b) the screed – This …  can best described as harmful.  Do not, under any circumstances, take this too heart.  If someone’s answer to problems is ‘harden up’.  They do not know what they are talking about, and go and find a real therapist or councillor.

  3. Withholding physical affection

    The sun even shines on a dogs ass once in a blue moon.  So we have our first valid point.  Sadly it is wrapped in so much anachronisitc and patronising language that you could be forgiven for missing it.  And it is a completely one eye’d look at the problem.
    Yes, this can be a problem, for and from either partner.  Sometimes it is unconcious, sometimes sub-concious, sometimes deliberate.
    Basically, don’t do it.  If there is a problem that is festering in your relationship – this is an unhealthy way of dealing with it.  Talk to each other.

  4. Putting other things first

    So if you read this and scratched your head while you thought about the first point in the article, congratulations, you can out-think the author.  If you are finding that you would rather play video games, play on the internet etc than spend time with your spouse (no mater which gender you are, or which gender they are).  Then ask yourself why, it may be time to have an uncomfortable conversation.  Or maybe you need to work on your own mental health and resiliency.

  5. Not speaking her language

    This is the kind of patronising bullshit that leads to one gender complaining they don’t understand the other, this pretense that one gender ‘speaks another language’.  It’s simply not true.  Each person will have their own needs and expectations for feeling loved, and there will be far more variation among women for example than between women and men.
    The solution for this is ….  I bet you can guess it ….  that’s right, TALK to each other.  And best to do it without blame or accusation if you want the discussion to be productive …..

All in all, I find this goon to be an out of touch anachronist who knows little to nothing about managing relationships.

My recommendations remain, find a real relationship counsillor or therapist if you need one.  But most important, talk to each other, not out of touch jerks who want to force you into their expectations of gender roles in your relationship.  There are two people who are far more expert on your relationship than anyone else – and that will be you and your partner, so talk and listen to each other.