This is what passes for Cimema entertainment these days?!

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So I looked at the movies currently in the cinema to see if it would be worth a dinner and movie deal.

My god, what the fuck has happened to the art of storytelling?!?!  watching a fucking custody battle passes for a movie?!?!

What the actual fuck people?  Most of TV has devolved into ‘reality’ tv shows that have neither reality, nor storyline.  And now movies are completely giving up on story too.


Thankyou media industry, for turning me into the crotchety bitchy complaint fest of an old fart that I would complain about 20 years ago.  I hate you all.

Some thoughts worth remembering.

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Originally posted on Boxx Banter: “It gets worse before it gets better.” Those were the words the pastor offered to a newly bereaved couple whose daughter had died unexpectedly. And you should know that he is right. Bereaved parents are stunned when four months, six month, nine months down the road they find their grief…

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Something I learned in the past 8 – 10 years myself

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After my denunciation by chiropractors and their advocates over the last few days—opprobrium that I welcome—Reader Pliny the in Between, whose website is The Far Corner Cafe, put together a series of drawings showing how spinal manipulation, such as that practiced by chiropractors, could produce a stroke. This, for instance, is what a real doctor, Orac, thinks […]

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Simon’s Cat on Valentines day!

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We have two Simon’s Cat specials for Valentine’s Day. In the first, Simon Tofield shows how he makes one of the pictures used in the second video. I don’t think the cat’s inamorata is thrilled to get a box o’ mice. And here’s the final product for today: “Dinner Date: Starters.” Note how the cat is […]

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Darwin scholar John van Whye put this on Facebook: it’s Darwin’s only known depiction of himself. John’s notes: Darwin sketched himself as this little stick man on the island of St Helena in July 1836 as the Beagle was sailing home. The sketch represents the strong winds blowing up the sea cliffs while the air on […]

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I thought I was through with Darwin Day, but I’ve got Chuck on the brain. It may seem odd for biologists to hold him in such esteem (creationists often say, mistakenly, that we worship him and find no flaws in his work), but the fact remains that, more than any other scientist, he got things right […]

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Because Geckos are freaking amazing!

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Some of you may find this gross, but it’s still a remarkable achievement of natural selection, and one of those weird things that abound in nature but most of which are yet to be described. It’s the discovery of a “fish-scale” gecko that easily sheds its scales when caught, revealing a bizarre, naked reptile that […]

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