About me and my blog ….

Before I get started. I hate that this has to be said. But everything posted here, unless posted as a reply by someone or linked back to someone else, or explicitly stated, is purely my own opinion.
It does not reflect the opinions of any past present or future employers, family or other person, organisation or company.

About me?  What to say?  I’m an Ex-Pat, Caregiver, Husband, Social Worker, Mental Health Worker, Educator, Sceptic, Atheist, Humanist, Rationalist, Survivor.

I screen my comments for two reasons;

One – to boot spam.  I’m astonished with the number of spam replies offering the services of prostitutes, escorts etc or selling me garbage that have replied to posts, regardless of the content or tags.

Two – to ensure I notice and read all replies.  I don’t check this daily, and I am not wanting to ignore people who took the time to write in response.  Thus it e-mails me with the response and asks me if I want it filtered, and I can read and respond.  I am sure there are some out there in the interweb world who will get their panties in bunches and claim censorship, and wail about how I am infringing on their freedom of speach.  Of course, they are free to send me these messages and test me to see if I let them through.  The punchline is, that this tiny crevice of the cyber-universe is mine, by dint of the advertising paying for it.  And I am under no special obligation to give a platform to others within it.  That said, Dissenting opinions are what give discourse the dis …  so to speak.  And things will be posted, within some limits of vile offensiveness.

Language.  As I mentioned above, I am an ex-pat.  an ex-pat Aussie.  The ‘four letter words’ that north americans quail at appear in our dictionary.  Giving letters on a page (or computer screen) the power to be sacredly offensive, dis-empowers and devalues ideas and attitudes.  It renders meaningless relationships and interactions between people.  It is not the words that are offensive, it is how they are used, the intent that drives them.  Any words can be used in offensive ways.  I do not and will not accord special fear-halos too any particular words.  Swear words – a category of language that is as meaningless as atheist is to describe supernatural beliefs, or bald as a hair colour – are words that have been coined to express certain ideas and emotions.  To block the words is to repress these ideas an emotions.  People may think that emotions like anger, rage, disgust, dismissal should be repressed, I could not disagree more.  These are part of the human condition, they need to be grappled with, communicated, expressed and considered.  To ignore or dismiss someone’s anger is to deny part of them.  It is, to my mind, about as disrespectful as one can get.  I refuse to do it or allow it in my little crevice of the intertubes.

Which brings me to another point.  Those of you who were up in arms about my filtering the comments to weed out the spam and ensure I read them.  The folks who screamed about freedom of speech.  Remember that freedom of speech includes the freedom to feel offence.  NOT the freedom to be protected from offense.

If what I say offends you, then you probably needed to be offended.  Consider why you found it so offensive.

If you think I am wrong, in this or in any post.  Tell me.  I’m a big boy.  We can have a discussion about it, and either agree to disagree or one of us will convince the other of their side.

On too the content:-

Some of my posts are rants.  I am human, sometimes stuff really pisses me off and I need to fuckin’ well rant.  Get over it.  Join in, disagree, say your piece.  But I will rant when I need to.

Many of my posts I think of as a form of social commentary.  I speak it for a reason.  I don’t expect the entire world to agree with me, I welcome discussion – dissenting or agreeing – and I will not be silenced.

People deserve a modicum of respect.  Ideas do not – ideas, in this context, definately include ideas about politics, and most especially religion.  If something is sacred, it should be examined.

Updates and posts.  I do not post ‘religiously’  I often forget I have this outlet, or by the time I get to it my rage has burned it’self down.  So don’t expect a daily, weekly, or even monthly post.  Sometimes there will be a slew of them, sometimes a drought.  I make no apologies for this, I post when the inspiration strikes.

Why Walrus?
It won’t come as much of a surprise to most of you that my real name is NOT Walrus.  And most would consider it hardly a flattering handle to attach to one’s self. I have a couple of reasons.  One is pure humour…  The line was used in ’50 First Dates’ … “Did you know the Walrus has the second largest penis of all mammals?” with the rather obvious punchline of the person saying it claiming the largest.

The other reason is tied to events in my past, where I was labeled with the nick name as an attempt to insult me.  So I chose to take it on as my own.  As an assistant SCUBA instructor, I had whiskers, I barked, I am no little skinny ass boy, and I move far better in the water than outside it.


I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge:
please hold me accountable.


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