There are no words

I don’t even know how to formulate my rage into a coherent post here.


I LOATHE the smarmy justifications religious jerks use. It makes them vile and disgusting creeps.

3 years ago – almost to the day – our first child died, 3 days later, he was born. It is one of the toughest things my wife and I have gone through as a couple.
And we did it without the dishonest lie that relgion plasters all over society about heaven and god needing another angel and blah blah blah – I have not heard anything more offensive.

Fast forward 3 years, my wife and I have fended off many well meaning family and friends offering what can only be described as offensive ‘well wishes’ and then, one of the pictures of our dead baby turns up, without so much as a by your leave – by this self riteous woman spouting her religious crap about how to treat parents who have lost children.

What makes it worse is that the stuff she was spouting is about HALF right – and the other half is compounded by her stealing our baby’s photo to spread her message.

And calling her out on this base abuse of our deepest pain is considered evil because she’s fucking religious – and how could a relgious person mean bad?

I don’t give a fuck what she MEANS – I listen to what they say! They tell my wife and I that we are unfit to be parents – “god took your child because that is where he’d be best!” Are you fucking kidding me?
“god needed another angel?!?!?” Then he can get off his ass and fucking make one and leave our bloody kid alone!

Which reminds me – this god, you know, the baby killing one. WHY should we give a fuck what you think he wants? He’s, at best the most impotent useless twit there is. But if he actually is all powerful – then he’s fucking evil.

So take your evil, bloodthirsty, vile god, and your narrow minded, self riteous stupidity – and get the fuck away from me and my family!!!


~ by scawalrus on April 14, 2018.

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