Why I am a misanthropist – an example.

So we are survivors of infant loss, more specifically still birth.  And in surviving we sought support and help.  And we have found some.

But we have also come across many folks who are desparate to expose the true uglyness of humanity and humans.

There are people, who have gone through this (and that may be the worst part of it) who find and receive the free support.  Who then turn around, copy the format and charge the kind of premium that qualified professionals charge.
Now bear in mind here, we are talking about using free services, putting a little very effort in, none of it backed by education.

It is not just recompensation for cost, it goes way beyond that.  This is profiteering from the pain and grief of others.  Others who are desparate for help, and unable to see what is happening.

Then there are those do-gooders who, while they may mean well, say some of the most egregious things.

“God must have needed another angel.”

What?!?!  are you fucking kiding?  Can your all powerful creator of the cosmos not create his own angels without taking the lives of innocents?

“God has a better plan for them.”

Tell me again, just what plan could have been better than leaving the child with loving parents?  And all those kids born into horrifying situations unwanted and mistreated?  Did they not figure into the plans of this all knowing supposedly all good deity?

And so it goes on, platitudes and thoughtless comments.  From folks who simply cannot grasp that not everyone buys into their imaginary friend and his fantasy story.

Another example of reasoning behind misanthropy ….  smokers.  This seems especially prevalent in north america. and ties in to several issues.  Most of these revolve around pollution.  Be it pollution of the air with the, frankly, disgusting smoke, all the worse when it actually causes medical harm.
This idea is compounded when all summer the house you live in is made unlivable by neighbours who smoke front and back, breathing their bad habit into their neighbours windows without a care in the world.
or the garbage, cigarette butts left anywhere they can be flicked.  This is something that seems to be at least Ontario wide.
And from talking with others, I think I would say, Canadians, your garbage habits are fucking disgusting.  None of you give a single stuff and it’s frankly despicable.  You complain about the air and water pollution of your neighbours to the south, yet you couldn’t be arsed to put your garbage in a bin?  Fuck your hypocracy.

Urrrrgh, just a snippit into the logistics of my misanthropy, even I cannot stand to dwell too long on this …  Walrus out!


~ by scawalrus on May 19, 2017.

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