Scrabbling to hook engagement

Trying to get traction with something to do as self care, and get some traction, some buy in…

Not easy…..
List things I enjoy, or enjoyed. Pick one, buckle down and do it.
The engagement, the hook if you will, bites when one starts seeing success, and being able to feed that success.

That is why I started with some small project cross stitches.
Yup, ever so manly I know. But fuck anyone who makes an issue of it.

I’m making some Christmas tree ornaments. Starting with a Christmas smiley. Maybe I can do something more atheistic or secular to make a back for it….. We’ll see….

Also working toward some more gaming. Some play by post… We’ll see about the fruition….

I’ve started up a play by post ‘sandbox’ environment to build a world setting that I plan too write stories about. We’ll see if players want to introduce characters that will help flesh it out.

. . . . .

So time has marched on, just don’t ask me how much. The play by post game has begun. The global experiment has begun


~ by scawalrus on January 5, 2017.

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