Ex- Father

Wow, just uttering that word is going to get me flash back. But I choose my words carefully.

So why? When everyone insists I still have to father a dead child?

Just what does it mean? What fathering can one do to a dead son? Does he need to be taught things? Does he need to have injuries patched up? Does he need guidence on how to deal with bullies? Is he having trouble with homework? Does he struggle with managing personal relatioships with girls, or boys?

The answer to all of these questions is obviously no. So why am I still a father? I am not doing fathering, I do not still have a child.

I hear a collective outcry I am sure. But I am nothing if not pragmatic.

So it is now infant loss day, what better day to release this post. So here goes nothing.


~ by scawalrus on October 16, 2016.

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