Fascinating, truely fascinating

so yesterday, my better half returned from a wedding shower.  The mother of the groom was hosting it, and the bride and groom are friends of ours.

The shower had an activity that called for a couple of photos of loved ones, and thus curiosity was aroused.

It turned out that there was a woman bought in to do psychic readings over the photos.  and what’s more entertaining is that she recorded them and gave a copy too the participant …..

Those of you who know about psychic readings and cold reading techniques probably have to pick up their jaws at this last idea, recording a session gives a tool to completely unravel the cold reading.  It reminds us of the misses we want to ignore and allows us to check on details.

So, we listened to the tape of the session.  and proceeded to pick-apart any of the session that did not just fall apart on it’s own.

The coles notes, there was nothing psychic about this experience.  And even the most generous interpretation shows up far more and stronger misses than hits.  and as a ‘psychic’ performer, this lady wasn’t very good at choosing her topics wisely.

The hits, were very high probability hits, and the misses, sometimes were followed by extensive efforts to grind it into some kind of hit.

In the future I hope to digitise and analyse the thing ‘live’ to share to help folks spot the tricks ….


I’ve listened to folks do this before, but being on the other side of it was a very interesting experience.



~ by scawalrus on July 11, 2016.

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