How to describe an emotional state …

English is a truly abysmal language to attempt to discus emotions.  We describe things in terms of our visual reference.

How many emotional words to you know?  Most of you will admit to half a dozen off the top of your head, maybe 16 or 18 if you think about it with pencil and paper handy ….

In contrast to that, how many different emotions do you go through on a weekly basis?  Or hell, fuck weekly, what about daily?

Ohhh wait, did I just step on someone’s sensibility by using a – gasp horror – 4 letter word!

Screw all you prissy twatwaffles.  These words exist to express yourself.  And as a somewhat famous witch said “Fear of the word, only increases fear of the thing itself.”  JK Rolling had it right when she had Hermionie say those words.

Is it little wonder that I quickly lose respect for anyone who lack the will or willingness to face that reality and talk about it.

So for now, I’m feeling brittle over volitile,.



~ by scawalrus on June 8, 2016.

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