The Disney Principal and Christian Stories

Part of the reason I have stewed on this post for such a long time is that the issue makes me insanely angry, and I don’t really understand why.
Though, I think I am beginning too.

It is approaching christmas (not capitalised deliberately). And this snippit is unmistakable.

It is also approaching hitchmas, newtonsday, kwanza, diwali, festivus, saturnalia, hannuka, winter solstice, and so-on. Yet almost no-one knows this is happening.
But more important than this, is how we know. One of the ways is the FLOOD of christmas “movies” (yes in scare quotes). That all follow fairly identical formulaic, thoughtless and mindless crap.

Am I holding movie-makers, story tellers and the media to too high a standard? The same trite, diabetic inducing, vomit producing, pre-digested garbage gets on my nerves.

I want some grittier story-arcs… This fantasy that the good guy always wins, that hard work always prevails…. These mindless memes in media, clearly disenfranchise the bulk of the ‘good’ and hard working folks who don’t ‘win’, those of us who get shit on, again and again.


~ by scawalrus on April 24, 2016.

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