How quickly abuse is dismissed.

So once again, we were presented with the dreaded local hospital medical imaging department. My partner has been there 3 or 4 times now, and each and every time, the staff have successfully caused mental and emotional trauma.

This time, we are in for an emergency ultrasound under a panicked situation, the expected proceedure is going to be as invasive as ultrasound scanning can be, in fact, it has been publically likened too rape.

On top of this, my partner has a horrendous childhood sexual trauma history, which is described in her file, at that hospital. Along with being just 7 weeks out from a stillbirth of a much planned and wanted pregnancy @ 35 weeks. So as you may be able to imagine, the anxiety and trauma levels are already stratospheric.

So the young child tech who comes to get her (not us, that was made plain) starts the well known ‘it’s hospital policy’ speech. We’d rehersed for this, the opening needs to come from my partner, she is the patient, without her backing, I’ll just be thrown out.
She says no. We are off too the races!
This stops lab-tech child momentarily.
But it’s hospital policy….
Then you’d best get your supervisor, because I’m not doing this again without my husband.
That’s my girl!
So we are ushered into a room and lab-child hurries off to get supervisor.
Supervisor tech enters and starts a speach about policy, when shut down she falls back on the ‘when I technologically rape her you’ll have to leave’ stance.
Not on your life!
The only person who has the authority to tell me to abandon her to your ‘tender’ mercies.
Ohh well we’ll make this one exception….

So during the anything but gentle probing my wife is whimpering and crying through, she tries to remain distracted, she asks why this policy.

“ohh to keep the techs from feeling uncomfortable.”

You wanna what!?!? Can you just run that by me again as you push that foot-long piece of metal and plastic making sounds that cause my wife pain, into her uterus making her cry more!

“because the lab techs feel uncomfortable!?!?”
We were incredulous.
She had the decency to look sheepish as she went on to explain how horrible it is when partners ask questions and distract the tech from their difficult job of providing trauma.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to belittle the skills a good diagnostic imager can have, but when you compare that to traumatised and ill patients asking to have support while they get mechanically raped? You are kidding me right!?!?

Apparently not….

So, the hospital, supposedly a place that promotes and secures health to people, not only is ok with, but directly insisting on setting up a power dynamic that not only disempowers but traumatises patients/clients, and holds their healthcare hostage to that control and trauma.

There really are no words for how abusive this is.


~ by scawalrus on June 21, 2015.

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