Bleeding Heart Bad Manners

OK … So …. it is November again … funny how that happens.

And with that, the bleating of the christian lame duck cries, wailing about being oppressed because people say “Happy Holidays” to them…

Let’s lay this out for folks that just don’t get it.
If you are talking to folks who’s celebratory habits you know …
– that is to say if you don’t know if someone is christian, or jewish, or muslim, or druid, or atheist, or hindu, or sikh, or taoist, or buddist, or wiccan, or pagan or anything else for that matter.

Then don’t be rude. Offer them greetings for any holiday they might celebrate.

Don’t exclude people from your greeting. Alternatively – if you mean to say “I will offer you holiday greetings only if you celebrate my brand of holiday, otherwise screw you.” Then own it and be honest.

If I say to you personally, happy holidays. smarten up, I’m referring to your particular holiday and not excluding others. Don’t bitch.
If I say it to a group with you in it and you complain about me not specially referring to your particular holiday – you are a nasty nasty person, kindly tell me that you are leaving because you don’t deserve my civility and walk away.


~ by scawalrus on November 24, 2014.

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