First trimester: later thoughts

Wow, so how to condense this into something blog-able.

Things have been insane.

  • Sleep:- Now there is no way I am, even remotely, a representative sample. That said, I have already lost a lot of average sleep time. Being woken by a pregnant partner who is thrashing around and raging with discomfort and lack of sleep and mood swings all compounded, within an hour of getting to sleep is more common than one would think….
  • Mood swings:- How many of you have watched bull-riders @ the rodeo? I know that those of you who have not seen this think I am speaking poetically and taking licence with this… Talk to those who have, now, go-on. When you do, you’ll see that despite the analogy, I am under-stating this. Personally, I have the benefit of having walked the road to hell and back, accompanied my amazing partner on the journey of major suicidal depression, chronic anxiety and C-PTSD and the like. As painful as it is to see, and as much as I would never wish this kind of thing on anyone, having had that experience, I’m honestly better equipped to handle some of this.
  • Cravings:- these come in 2 kinds, the kind that strikes before you are going out, when the cupboard and fridge are well stocked, or when you have plenty of energy. This kind are simple, non demanding and non-urgent. Then there is the kind that happen at midnight after you arrive home after 15 hours at work, 5 minutes after you finally achieve comfort, just after the last bus, or just after you get over a stress induced psychotic break. These invariably involve the most obscure and hard to find ingredients, a ravening need to be filled that very moment, and cannot wait.
  • The truth about cravings:- ok, so I’ve had my hyperbolic rant. The truth is it hasn’t been as bad as the mythology. At least not yet. Most of the cravings we’ve dealt with have been relatively non-exotic.
  • ‘Morning’ sickness:- Don’t be fooled, this has nothing to do with morning. It can be any time of day. And any partner who has any empathy for their pregnant partner (have I said partner enough times?) should probably not be a parent.
  • Lack of energy:- this isn’t just for her. You, the partner, will find your ass wooped as well.
  • Sex:- if your pregnant partner has planned and wants this first pregnancy, she will likely get anxious and anxious, maybe panicky after sex as the vaginal and cervical tissues are more delicate and it is not uncommon for there to be a little spotting or very light bleeding. And most docs will tell you that bleeding is the scarey sign.
    That said, with the hormonal changes, she’s likely to be frightfully horney, and far more sensitive to touch.
    This is a great thing, be gentle as over-doing and hurting her is more likely, but other things you do should be better.
  • Lack of Sleep:- get used to it, learn to love it. Sleep is a luxury you can no longer afford.

~ by scawalrus on November 1, 2014.

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