First Trimester PT 1: Discovery

This is not an ‘as it happened’ post. It’s now been a week since the news broke. Well, a couple of weeks on revisit. I did warn you all I am not a good blogger…

The trick with this is going to be how far back to start, and how detailed to make it. I am sure there are lots of detail that you, my dear reader, are not in the least bit interested in… But then, this is where I get to be an ass and point out, I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for me…. Well, that and I point to my misanthropy smugly.

So working with fertility treatments has not been fun, as with any medical intervention, there are side effects. These side effects made life stressful. This would have been the third cycle of attempting, and tempers were fraying a little. When during one of my 13 hour shifts I get a message from my long suffering wife. It said she had a surprise for me.

Now we have been known to do this kind of thing for each other time to time, turn a little something into a gift or surprise.

Finally getting home, tired and strung out, I get passed a gift bag… In the bag was a box…. In the box was a foil sachet…. In the sachet was a positive pregnancy test.

Then the past few weeks started to make sense.

Well, that was discovery. Next I think a few words on the first trimester… And since right now we are at almost 2 months. So more to come….


~ by scawalrus on October 10, 2014.

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