Making Time with a Shoehorn

Hmmm, where to start….

I currently ‘live’ in burnout city, you know, the one at the end of fuck your ass sideways highway?

I know what I need to do to recover, and would happily do it, but I have one major problem, and a few minor issues too….

My major issue is time, or rather lack of it.

I keep looking for ways for time to serve double or tripple duty…. My commute time for example, being that I am a public transit user, I fill my phone with podcasts, put my headphones on, and play them for the hour each way. Since my headphones are noticable and visable, this also serves as a “don’t bug me” tool, (sadly we have some neighbors who are OB-nobvious to the social distress they cause others and think only of their own needs or desires in the social interaction). And headphones give me a good reason and excuse to ignore them.
The whole time of course, I am travelling to and from work…
I also often cat-nap. Exhaustion is a constant ‘friend’ of mine….

At work, I am trying to build a repitoir of selfcare things I can do in downtime….. This, a wordpress app, I am hoping will add to that list….

Ahh well, more later maybe….


~ by scawalrus on August 2, 2014.

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