“Not my problem” an un-considered side effect of the disposable society.

Disposable society. Use it and throw it away. My exhaust, is no longer my problem. Once I dispose of it, I don’t care what happens to it.

This is true of greenhouse gases and global warming, just as it is true of smokers’ smoke.

Once again, it is summer …. well spring, but soon summer. And already the torture has begun. We are already running from back to front to back closing windows to keep out cigarette smoke that is instant migraine in a bottle for my partner.

It seems we either have to keep the house sealed and choose between suffering sweltering stuffy heat, or add air-conditioning units at extraordinary cost and additional environmental damage. All because careless and or thoughtless smokers don’t care a whit for the smoke once they have breathed it out.

Thankyou to those people, it’s so warm and fuzzy to know you all care so much about your neighbours ability to live without blinding pain.

Smokers, you are, on the whole, are examples of the worst of human nature. Try changing that, try thinking about where your exhaust is going and who it is harming. I honestly don’t care a whit if you want to choke your own lungs, that is between you, your doctor and your cigarette packet. But when that shit ends up in our living and bedrooms, I have a big issue with this.

And I DARE anyone to bleat to me about how I am infringing on smokers rights. No – Fuck you all. My partner has the right to make it through a summer, hell even 2 days, without being crippled by migraines. Smokers do not have the right to pleasure at the cost of other people’s health. That is, by most definitions, evil.


~ by scawalrus on May 21, 2014.

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