Deliberate ignorance

So, like most of the world these days ….  huh, there is an inaccurate statement if I ever heard one!

How about this, like most of the people I know, I am on Facebook and other social media sites …  hell I even got me a twitter account – who would have thunk it?

@walrus_tt if anyone really is that interested

So I stretched my philosophical legs somewhat.  The intertubes is somewhere one can talk about things like philosophy without getting beaten or blackballed from shops on the spot.

Why am I being cagey?  I don’t know.  I guess I am more used to face to face conversations where one has to dance around a topic.  And I am also thinking of how to appropriately censor myself, and also coming to the understanding that this stream of random consciousness may not make much sense as it will be circuitous and random …

So – to ditch the cageyness – I am an atheist, I am realistically an anti-theist – I have huge moral and ethical issues with pretty much all religions.  So much so that in my ethics class I plan on submitting a paper denouncing the ethical deplorableness of leaving social work in the hands of religious organisations and handing it to a professor who is an active and current minister in a church.

So I discuss my philosophical leanings with others who share my viewpoint, and I share information on the damage the churches are doing with anyone who cares to view my facebook wall.

I do NOT send messages of this to other people’s pages.  I do NOT post any of this on groups that are not specifically targeted at this kind of discussion.

The very idea that I would post religious debates on groups that exist for the support of people suffering with mental health problems is offensive to me in the extreme, and something I have never done, would never do and would rather be tortured than do.  Yet there are people, who seem to see religion as something deserving of some kind of false respect, happily accuse me of exactly this, and when I call shenanigans on them they act offended at the idea of being called out on their bad behaviour, and I am expected to just take it and be ok with being walked on like this.

No – up with this I will not put!

churches constantly abuse and oppress people, abuse and misuse the power people hand over to them in good faith, take their money and give mountains of bigotry in return.  These are NOT organisations worthy of respect.  And as such I do NOT and WILL NOT respect them.  And I do not appreciate and will not tolerate people insisting that I should.

People can choose to have this fantasy beliefs and give respect to these filthy abusive organisations.  But to expect me to is offensive in the extreme.  I cannot and will not stand for this nonsense.

I stand by my pointing out the abuses of religion – these are not things I am doing TO them – these are things religions are doing to themselves.  I just choose not to ignore it.

Children are being raped and sexually abused in astronomical numbers, why?  Because of a few bad priests?  Sure, but why are these bad priests able to get away with raping these children for DECADES?  Because people choose to be ignorant to these things.  And when someone speaks up – they get abuse for doing so.  NO!

And I am not just refering to the fundamentalists. In fact, I am specificially referring to the ‘moderates’ who demand ‘respect’ for religions. Religions do NOT deserve respect, in no way, no form, no how. Religions are ideas, they only get the respect they EARN.

‘Moderates’ who get all worked up in a frenzy about how religions need to be respected, frankly, disgust me. These people, many of them otherwise intelligent and rational people. Are being fooled by the long con. In many ways they are like the bulk of the people hooked into the matrix as per the movie. While they in themselves are not the problem, they become the problem, when they run interference. When they stop the problem being tackled, when they demand respect for the indefensable.

When people equate the questioning of religion to the oppression of homosexuals or races, equating this questioning to the bullying of homosexuals unto death. Ask the homosexual child bullied in school if that is the same as having your god story questioned will you?

If you genuinely think these things are equivalent, then honestly, you are a bad bad person who does not deserve my respect.

Never should ideas get, by default, more respect than people.

Nicely pointed out.

Nicely pointed out.


~ by scawalrus on December 29, 2013.

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