Weird random thoughts and reflections

Ok, so first I must say, I have NO idea where this is going or where I am going with it, so you must be this high to read this and ride at your own risk ….

As some of you MAY have picked up on, I am a public transport devotee. That is to say, I cannot afford to purchase a vehicle, and need to get around town. Taxi is insane price wise, so bus it is. As for push-bike, as much as I would like to get of my ass and say that I am excercising and being that good for the environment, I have a lazyness streak that is just too damn wide to jump most days …. Yeah yeah, I know, but I have more than enough other stuff to burn my energy on when it comes to forcing myself into things, so there ya go.

When it comes to the looks department, the wife tells me things the mirror doesn’t. I’m in the ‘I’ll take when I can get’ camp. As far as a fashion horse, that I am, emphatically, not. I LOATH the whole stuffed shirt look, can’t stand anything that sits tight on my throat, despise fiddly button up shirts, get easily annoyed with long sleeved shirts and tops of any kind (not great for the sanity in the Canadian winter) and overall, don’t really give a tinkers toss what people think of what clothes I wear as long as I don’t get arrested.

That said, I do aim for a ‘look’ of sorts I guess one would say. I greatly enjoy shirts with smartass logos and promoting social justice causes etc. I like my wardrobe to be a reflection of me. I just hate ironing, hate ties, hate button down or long sleved anything, hate fussing and love comfort, simplicity and long lasting. I also hate over-priced, BOY do I hate over-priced. I flatly refuse to pay for name brand anything. You want your brand name on my clothing, you should be paying me for advertising space, not charging me body parts for the privilidge of wearing the poor quality cheep crap you throw my way. I don’t wear MY name splattered all over my clothes, why would I want to wear anyone else’s?

Having what I wear dictated by public opinion seems remarkably distasteful to me. While I recognise that these years are the best in the past 200 years for not having restrictive and to some extent ludicrus clothing requirements.

Maybe I am asking too much. But judging people through the shallow assertion of what clothing they are dressing in. It blocks assessment of each other based on our intellect, our personalities, our skills, our talents. But no, we drape ourselves in the most expensive cloth in order to judge each other on financial spendings and popular brand names. Form over function. I’ve never been a fan of form over function. For me, function has always been far more important. Comfort, Quality in terms of lifespan of articles and how well they serve their function – protective, not show stains, I make a mess of everything, if it can be spilt, you can bet I will spill it. So light coloured clothing is a bad move for me. But most of all, comfort. Why should I spend my days uncomfortable just because I work for a living. No, this is petty, childish.

All of this started because I saw a young mother on the bus. Ahhhh, see it all ties together in the end ….

Stroller, pants suit – odd combination. Was she comfortable like that? Was that really the story? Was that truth? Was it an indication of a disconnected parent? Was the disconnect the fascade she put on to earn a living for her child? Yes yes, I know, these questions could be answered by getting to know her. But I wonder. Was this forced disconnect required really? How different a life without the lie? Without the fascade? Or is the fascade a protection, a barrier to keep the real person hidden?

Perhaps most tellingly, why is it those of us who feel no need, or desire, for this fascade. Those of us who find function more important than form. Why are we the ones who have to change to fit in? Why is it we are the non-conformists, the ‘rebels’, the ‘undesirable element’? Why should it matter if I am wearing track-pants and a t-shirt or a pinstripe suit? Why should I be expected to wear a shirt and tie when a polo-shirt and shorts serves the job just as effectively?


~ by scawalrus on October 23, 2013.

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