:D Thanks guys – now I feel famous!! YAY!

I’m famous!!  YAY!!!

Even better smart folks agree with me!!  Double YAY!!


Ok – so what’s happening?

Well, there was some confusion over what was said on a podcast (one of my favorites for the record) here http://wp.me/p1WtoJ-3U.  The guys at Legion of Reason were kind enough to dip back into the font of history and polish the lense a little  http://www.legionofreason.com/episode-77-kindler-and-gentler-vatican-stinks/

In all honesty, it was a really funny section that when you start looking into it was a bit like Shrek’s Onion anaology

or russian dolls, every time you look closer there is something more….

It is entirely possible I missheard.  At the time I heard it I re-wound and re-listened.  But many days later when I re-listened, it just seemed like really muddy water.

The number of times I have got involved in conversations that get confusing 5 minutes after you say it because you are no longer holding all the golfballs still.  Saying the wrong word or giving the wrong inflection accidentally is easy to do as well.

Between my ears and the abuse they have taken over the years, and my astonishingly bad memory for names, I rarely can tell the difference between voices on a podcast beyond gender.  And I am fairly sure there was 2 males and a female host during that discussion, the thing that struck me (for either a miss-speaking or a misshearing) was said by one of the male hosts,

And now that I look at the episode notes, it only mentions Randi, so maybe my memory and hearing defects failed me again – Cest’la’Vie?

I get the sense I am coming full circle here …  My point, which is probably not clear, is thanks for reflecting on that and clarifying guys!  And YAY for less post-modernist pseudo-ideas!!  It feels good to know you’re not alone!

Thanks for revisiting this guys.  A touch of fame for an unknown no-body swimming in a sea of credulity, like many of us. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Cognative Dissonance, I listen ‘religiously’ to them too, Not sure I am entirely up to date with them yet, so I may not have heard what it is you are balking at.  Or maybe I missed it for some reason.

See now this is why I enjoy this community.  Like Science, it’s self correcting!!

Urgh chores next, on the upside – more Legion of Reason to combat the boredom!!  Thanks again guys!


~ by scawalrus on October 8, 2013.

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