The Olympics in Russia.

This blog/stream of consciousness has been simmering for a little while.


I think most of you will have heard of the recent events I am poised to rant about and hopefully discuss. The announcement by Russia that they have criminalised homosexuality. This has (very rightly in my honest opinion) caused righteous outcry from everyone who cares about basic human rights.


The IOC (international Olympic committee) announced that they considered Putin’s assurance that Olympic competitors would be excepted from the law and prosecution (persecution) under these laws. And one assumes this exception includes the support teams, trainers, media and audience, acceptable. To make things more exciting, FIFA has moved to expel Russia from their organisation for breach of their bylaws against discrimination.


I see the calls for the Olympics to be suspended or moved. I see the arguments that this would punish the athletes.


Bullshit. For a long time the Olympics has been a symbol and act of fellowship, of humanity. Even today, the Olympics society claims to be for these goals. It has never been truly about the athletes. But more-so. Let’s consider those athletes. They are competing in a competition that is ostensibly an icon of humanity, peace, acceptance. Are going to be asked to compete in what amounts to a lie. The very organisation that represents the Olympics, tacitly and implicitly supports regression and reduction of human rights.


I can understand and support the idea that the IOC should not be dictating a country’s policies or laws. This is not what we are calling for. We are simply asking that the IOC not support, directly or implicitly, denegration of basic human rights.


For shame IOC! Move or withdraw the games in Russia!


~ by scawalrus on August 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Olympics in Russia.”

  1. Yeah, I can see what you mean. When Saudi Arabia sent women to the Olympics last year, it was a very symbolic moment of progress: only if the law is enforced on gay Olympians will, I think, it be appropriate to politicise the games. Until then – I agree with you.

    • I honestly think that accepting that this law is in place as a new thing, even if it is not enforced during the games.

      For people to support the games in Russia after that, is clear tacit support of that law.

      Is it politicizing the olympics? Maybe, but no more than they are already. Anyone who thinks the olympics are not a political football as it is, is fooling themselves. There are a wealth of international level competitions for the sports involved, where world records and global level competition is possible and engaged in. The games are a spectacle, a spectacle that costs the hosting country a HUGE deficit financially that is eagerly taken on to be seen to host the games. I mean seriously, why do you think Russia put their name in to host the games? Because their economy was so strong that they wouldn’t notice the impact? No, it’s a show to prove to the world they CAN afford that kind of debt, and an attempt to join into the global society on a deeper level.

      Accepting a country that takes fresh actions to repress segments of society, is clearly a message of support for recent actions.

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