Living Life better through platitudes

I saw this posted by someone recently.  I found it so patently nonsensical that I had to say something …

better than better life


So let’s just look through this a little and unpack it.

#1 Never Hate.

Really?  Why would that be?  Because the idea of a negative  emotion?  Why is that a bad thing?  Should we avoid anger?  Are we not entitled to justified anger or hatred?  To deny us our own emotions is denying part of our own identity.  Not only is this not a good thing.  I feel this is downright damaging.

While building our entire lives based on nothing but hate is a hollow and meaningless existence.  Denying that part of ourselves is the same.  We should not bow to puritanical pressure to deny part of our own identity.  There is nothing inherently wrong with what we call ‘negative emotions’.  Only in their abuse.

#2 Don’t Worry

What a wonderful sentiment.  If everyone were to stop worrying about stuff, they wouldn’t be so upset or stressed.


If you are not worrying about things, you are not caring about things.  If you don’t care, what is getting you out of bed in the morning?

It’s true, worrying too much is a bad thing, it can be downright debilitating.  But not worrying at all, that’s going to spell disaster.

#3 Live simply.

Yeah right!  Life is complex, it’s the most complex thing you are going to do in, well, in  your whole life.  Don’t be afraid of complexity.  Simplifying that which can be simplified without loosing the essence of what you want to accomplish can be helpful.  But simplifying things for the sake of simplification can be like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

#4  Expect a little

WHAT?!?!?!  Seriously?  Living a good life is about lowering your expectations?    By all means, don’t set your expectations too high, or out of your reach.  Don’t set yourself up for failure.  But don’t set your bar too low.  You will not be satisfied with your life.

Expect a lot of yourself.  Of everyone, you know best what you are capable of.  don’t sell yourself short.  Even to yourself.

#5  Give a lot.

Hmmm.  Attaching your self value to giving your stuff away, or your energy, or yourself is a recipie for disaster.  I’m not suggesting that you should not give of yourself, your time, your life etc.  Absolutely you should.  But you should never do it to someone else’s formula.  Give what you want to give, give what you are comfortable with.

NEVER be guilted into giving what you are not prepared, comfortable or desiring to give.  It’s your life/time/stuff – give only what you want.

#6  Always smile

Seriously?!?!?!  No.  Bullshit.  Don’t paint a lie on your face.  If you are feeling down, you have the right to feel down, and you have the right to LOOK like you feel down.  If your facial expression doesn’t match the messages you are sending out, you will have relationship problems.  That or people will avoid getting close to you, figuring you are two faced.  Be honest.  There is nothing wrong with the full range of human emotion.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is doing you harm, tell them to get out of your life if they cannot accept you and your rights to feel and express your emotions as you see fit.

#7  Live with love

If you have been listening this far, you know why this is piffle.  Live with your emotions as they are.  You are under no obligations to love everyone.  There is a requirement for a certain level of respect between individuals is necessary for living in society.  But that does not mean you have to love all people.  It’s ok not to like some people.

#8   Be with god

Seriously?  Be with your imaginary friend?  You can do better with real friends.


~ by scawalrus on April 17, 2013.

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