So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Sometimes shit happens, and it sucks.

About 2 years ago now I discovered podcasts.  Specifically podcasts in science, scepticism and atheism, fields that interest me and I have a passion for.

One of the podcasts I found later in my travels and journeys was ‘The Good Atheist”

While some may find the tone a little too harsh at times.  I found it to be a rather perfect reflection of my attitudes and thoughts at the time, and still today.  It was (for the moment still is) a bold statement against certain status quo positions.  Like the assumed privilidge and power position of the religion, the assumption of cultural dominance and supremacy.

Jacob and team were one of the groups that operated under the principal that social censorship was/is a form of oppressive control.  In an upcoming post I will be talking about that issue somewhat.

In the last podcast I listened too …  Jacob revealed that he can no longer support the podcast in the way he has been doing.  The subscription rates are not growing fast enough and the time demands are too much to do it and other full time work.

This sucks.  Not in a blame worthy way.  I completely understand that financial realities of survival can stop what may be a good cause or passionate outlet.

I do wish that the financial realities of my current time had not left me without money to put into things that I am passionate about.  Because while the membership is relatively cheep, it is still currently an unjustifiable expense.

Arrggghhhh – if I could get myself into a healthier headspace and make some traction against this unemployment shit in a meaningful way.  the idea of working slavishly for minimum wage to be not significantly out of this survival sinkhole we are currently trapped in.

And a return to topic.  While The Good Atheist goes through either a change or retirement as a podcast, I will miss it.  It’s not that there isn’t lots of pod-casts that I now gather that don’t give me this, but I will miss this one.

I do look forward to the ‘Bible Stories’ book.  And I look forward to having a place big enough that I can have a coffee table to leave it on and show off.

Huh, now doesn’t this sound like a ‘when I grow up’ story?

The intent here was some kind of a bittersweet reflection.  I think it’s probably been a fairly unmitigated failure in that regard.  But I have, I think, at least to some extent, said what I wanted to say.  Which was, in essence, So long and thanks for all the fish.


~ by scawalrus on April 5, 2013.

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