Once again irrationality comes home to roost

So this is nothing new.  Not surprising, but DAMN it made me angry.

My better half is posting some stuff speaking out against the discrimination against homosexuality in the realm of marriage.  (You knew there was reasons I love her right!!), Ohhh yes, that’s it, it was the public statement that the CEO of starbucks made that people who cannot accept ‘gay’ marriage can take their money and vamoose (not in those exact words, but that’s the gist).   And one of her high-school friends pipes in.  Complaining about how intolerant this is ….

Wait WHAT?!?!?!

You heard me right, complaining that this is intolerant.  And not because of some post modernistic, you are speaking for some other people when they should speak for themselves shit either.  I almost would have preferred that, yes I would have ripped it to shreds, but I almost would have preferred that to what is to come…

It’s intolerant because – wait for it – it denies her belief as a christian!!

Deep breath here – ok, maybe this person is just ignorant of what is really going on here ….  Fuck this shit, no.  I cannot keep a lid on this shit.  Better to ask forgiveness than permission here.  I don’t give a fuck that it might piss some people off.  They are parading this bigotry around, dressing it up as freedom of religion and freedom of speech.  They deserve both barrels at centre mass!!

So – this bigot, claims that because their belief is that homosexuality is a sin they should not be forced to accept that homosexuals be married.


There are sooo many problems with this bigoted, sexist, bullshit claim that I hardly know where to begin!!!

Firstly – this does NOT affect your freedom of religion.  Just because two guys or two girls get married, does NOT stop you from worshipping which ever vile, evil, bigoted baby-killing, sexist god you want.  Even if they are living next door, humping like animals on their back deck!!  They are NOT chaining you to a lightpost to stop you going to your church, they are NOT telling you you cannot worship, or that you cannot believe your bigoted shit.  It just means you are not allowed to force your bigotry onto them.  This is NOT your christian shit being persecuted.  This is you being stopped from persecuting others.  DEAL WITH IT!!!!

Secondly – this does NOT affect your freedom of speech.  You are still free to show the world what kind of an evil bigot you are.  But as you do DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE try to stop others’ freedom of speech in saying how fucking evil and bigoted that concept is and how vile you are for believing it.  You do NOT have the right not to be offended.  And even if you did, so do I, and I find the vile shit you are spouting to be INCREDIBLY OFFENSIVE. So fucking stop it in that case.

Thirdly – of all the vile, bigoted, evil shit in that book – THAT is the one that you hang your hat on?  How was red-lobster last month? Your child disrespected you?  Why are they still alive?  Were you a virgin when you got married?  Seriously?  You can prove that?  because if not, get out the back, he’s got to stone you to death for that shit.  Ohhh I see you are wearing a cotton blend shirt with leather shoes, and so on.  Ohhh and why the hell do we have to listen to your nasty opinion anyway?  The bible clearly states that no woman shall ever be permitted to teach!  Best of all – one of your best friends husbands, is a fucking atheist – that’s right a non-believer, and at no time have you made any attempt to get up here with a car boot load of rocks to stone me to death.  (you’ll have to bring them, not enough in our back yard I’m afraid, and I’ll be damned if I am going to go get them for you).   Since apparently you don’t believe any of the rest of that shit in your vile, evil little book, the fact that you try to beat a minority over the head with this one picked out of the rest proves that YOU ARE A FUCKING SEXIST BIGOT and nothing more.


Ok, there could be another option.  Maybe you haven’t actually read the book – maybe you are dumb and gullible enough to take the word of that vile bigot standing at the pulpit.    So now that I have told you, and I am sure you are scrabbling to try to prove me wrong since I have read your vile evil little holy book more than you have.  You will undoubtedly have read it now.  And you will know that I am not lying to you.  So NOW you can choose to either stop being hypocritical and do the rest of that shit that your holy book says.  Or quit the hypocricy entirely and give it ALL up.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to stop talking about your bigotry.  I want you to keep going, tell more people, get louder – just make sure you keep your fucking name attached.

You are a bigoted, nasty individual.  And your beliefs are doing harm.  REAL harm.  YOU ARE KILLING CHILDREN!  Children that are born and discovering their homosexuality who are under the oppression of these vile beliefs are ending up taking their own lives.

You can say what you want, have all the freedom of religion and speech that you want.  You do NOT have the freedom to harm others, you do NOT have the freedom to inflict psychological torture, to drive people to suicide, to inflict your vile nasty bigotry on others.

You have the freedom to believe these things, and to say them.  I have the freedom to call you out and point out what a vile, evil and fucking disgusting human being you are being for doing so.

You disgust me, you make me ashamed of my species, you are the reason I don’t believe humans will survive.  Vile nasty beliefs like this drive us back to the fucking dark ages.

Keep parading your bigotry and selfish hatred to the world you vile individual.  The world needs to know how fucking disgusting this is!

The worst part is they are fucking Canadian!!  FOR SHAME!


~ by scawalrus on March 26, 2013.

14 Responses to “Once again irrationality comes home to roost”

  1. Wow! I wish I could be that articulate when I’m that angry. Well said.

    • HEH yeah, I don’t get that at the time. When it comes to this kind of thing I usually fume and splutter, it’s after I stew on it that the vitriol forms words.

  2. Well put, Cassie dear. Keep it up, tell it like it is.Good to see somebody on here telling the truth. They’re so busy whining about abortion, they don’t even know that their bigotry kills our children, just like you said. I worked in a psychiatric hospital for years. I can’t tell you how many children I took care of who weren’t mentally ill, but had been driven to suicide attempts by other peoples’ hatred. And every school year there were those we couldn’t help-they died. Way past time for this to stop, this doesn’t need to be the Dark Ages here anymore.

    • Just tried to respond to this post, unable to post my reply. This site required my email address and full name, and my comment “is awaiting moderation”. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Since when is it not ok to express support of a cause and my friends on Facebook?

      • WordPress’ default setting is moderating responses, I never got to changing it.

        And on some use and consideration, I don’t plan to change it. It’s the best way to avoid spam, something which moderating the responses has caught. And it e-mails me every time someone comments so I won’t miss reading any.

        Will some claim that I am silencing dissent? Sure. Do I care? Not really. Do I silence dissent this way? No, I’m sure people who have read the comments thread by now have worked that out. Besides, most commonly the folks people might censor, really do more damage to their own cases by themselves without need of my help.

    • Thanks – but not Cassie 😀

  3. I wonder where irrationality really roosts here. In this expletive filled diatribe you call Christians evil and bigoted, and at the same time advocate their murder. Can’t you see that you are the reason why they are worried about their rights being taken away? As a Christian I have people shove this issue down my throat to the point of madness. I don’t even bring it up. The instant people find out my beliefs I am insulted, berated, and even spit upon. How about you learn how to engage in meaningful discourse before you spread your hate speech on the internet.

    • I’m the reason christians worry about THEIR rights being taken away? So it’s not ok to be insensed by the subjugation of others? I guess for christians it’s not. After all the vatican was astonishingly silent and complicit with some of the greatest crimes of the past – sheesh just the past century.

      No-one saw the church get off it’s pampered, overdressed, asses to stand against say hitler? Or make a move to stop slavery, or the KKK or the witch killings in africa?

      No, one doesn’t. Because that would necessitate that they risk people seeing and standing up against the crimes of the church.

      You have the right to speak your speach. Say things like you claim that gays are evil and sinful. I have the right to speak out against that vile hateful shit.
      You have the right to be offended by it. But not to silence people speaking out.

      I did not call for anyone’s death, though I will admit I would have a hard time sheding a tear if some of these bigots curl up and die.

      But I DO wish these bigots, apparently yourself included, would be forced to walk a mile in the shoes of those they are oppressing.

    • Given a little more time to ruminate on this, I am left to wonder….

      Exactly what rights are you referring to being taken away? When it comes to granting homosexuals the right to get married? Is there some other law being passed blocking christians from hetrosexual marriages? Is there some rule that says that just because homosexual couples are ALLOWED to get married FINALLY (maybe, still being decided) that means that every person will be required to marry in a homosexual way? Will christian hetrosexual marriages somehow suffer a higher divorce rate?

      No, the only thing that is being put down here is christianity’s demanded privilidge to dictate how others live their lives. To quote many many gay rights activists, if you don’t like or want a gay marriage – DON’T HAVE ONE!

      This issue is no different too human rights for black people, something that the bible has about the same claim against as homosexuality, after all doesn’t it all begin with cain and abel, and cain interpretes gods word litterally, sacrificing the thing he loves most, his brother abel, and for his obedience god curses him as the first murder and blackens his skin, then proceeds to claim that all those of dark skin are decended of murderers. But look at what happened when bigotry was pushed back and the foot was taken off their necks, no world ending calamity, no catastrophy, some funky music, tasty cuisine and … OHHHH yeah – black people were no longer oppressed….. Well, that is still happening, but it’s a process.

      What about women, in timothy it states that no woman shall be permitted to teach or hold authority over a man – just as an example, there are screeds of other patronising shit about women being owned etc. But look at what is happening there, we have women entering the work force, doing fantastic work in, well, in every fucking field frankly.

      You have the right to BIELEVE any bat-shit crazy crap you want. You have the right to talk about it. I have the right to find it downright offensive, I have the right to tell you so. You have the right to be offended.

      AT NO POINT do you have the right to lay that shit on others and harm them. And you also do not have the right to silence something just because you are offended. I know the church relies on that, look at the history, Descarte, Copernicus, Darwin, the LHC, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens to name a few.

      If the church or religion held the truth, there would never be fear of investigation. And if it really was the truth it would also end up being proved right. But these aren’t reality. Consistantly the church uses it’s political and financial power to silence, in any possible way, any heratic that speaks out against it. Anyone who studies reality and finds reality in conflict with the church (that would be MOST study of reality by the way). This is because, not only is it all a ponsy scheme based on fantasy, the people in charge know it. They know that if real truth is discovered, the churchs’ monopoly on ‘truth’ will be whittled down.

      And this is exactly what we see happening. The fantasy story is being proved both false and un-necessary.

      So, while you bleat about being oppressed because I refuse to be silent about you and your kind bullying and oppressing others on the basis of a vile and disgusting fantasy story. I’ll flip you the bird and keep speaking out.

  4. Funny, the claim that the 50% of suicides that are gay, and they are, is because of christian bigotry is a new one. I assumed it was because of the clinically insane compulsive “alternate lifestyle”. I remember well the AIDS crisis. Never touched the non addict heteros. Its nature, not god, that condemns you.

    • Interesting – you seem to have a problem with comprehension.
      I don’t recall stating any specific statistic. I think I would have remembered looking that up and referencing it. Nope, on a second glance I didn’t. But then, by the sounds of it the facts are not something you like to look at.

      You ASSUMED that it as because of HIV/AIDS eh? you ASSUMED that AIDS hasn’t killed non addict hetros? You are either insanely ignorant of reality, a fact that seems self evident. Or an out and out liar, which, while admittedly not as likely as your level of ignorance of reality, is also a distinct posibility.

      And the ASSUMPTION that because I speak out about the bigotry of your filthy church and evil attitudes I am one of the group being downtrodden is amusing. Maybe I am, maybe I’m just a decent human being who actually cares about their fellow humans. Either way, you show your colours as an ignorant and vile bigot. Way to go.

  5. I love that the writer cared enough to space the text out for much easier reading. Bravo/a. The sign of an enlightened writer.

  6. Nicely put.

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