Passive agressive douschebaggery

As a victim of Facebook – yes, I have an account, no I am not about to share – I keep in touch with a lot of friends that way.

As I am sure many of you are aware, Facebook allows tagging.  a way of linking your account with a post.

So I have this friend, he is, well flakey would be a good start.  Immature, easily swayed by pseudoscience, with a tenuious grasp on reality.  He is well aware that I am rational, and a rationalist.  Yet regularly I get tagged and pushed on pseudoscience fakery and scams with pressure too buy into this garbage.

Every time I call him on this BS, I am dragged into a ‘debate’ about the ‘value’ of things like religion, astrology, false marketing claims and the like.  Entirely gullible to this kind of bs, and all evidence contrary to the latest pet BS is ‘being closed minded’.

How many times do I have to put a stop to this?  And how ‘firm’ should I tolerate making the smackdowns?


~ by scawalrus on February 22, 2013.

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