Apparently, once this is done to you, and you are annoyed and pissed off, you will discover a few things

a) it is all your fault, 100%

b) your aggrovation is entirely unjustified, you are the male in the marriage and even if you can prove with cited peer reviewed matterial you are right, guess what, you are wrong!

c) you are wrong, suck it up, how do you know a husband is wrong?  He is breathing!

So this started from my derrision at a statement at one of the new years party broadcasts, the announcer proudly stated “As a prize you will get a trip to anywhere in the world …  that Westjet flies!”

For those outside of Canada or North America, West-jet is a bascially domestic air carrier in Canada that flies to maybe 4 Continental US cities.  This makes them an international carrier by definition.  They travel between two nations – Canada and USA.  So the winners could go anywhere in the world they wanted just so long as where they wanted was in Canada or in certain US cities.

So the peanut gallery pipes up saying they aren’t an international carrier.

Idiot me: “What makes you say that?  They fly to Canada and the US”
Peanut Gallery: “Exactly, not international!”
IM: “So Canada and USA are the same country?”
PG: “No stupid! but it’s all North America.”

This started an argument over what international vs intercontinental means.  Which reinforced my understanding that North Americans have no clue about the meaning of these words.

I ended up deciding to see where the problem was and asked what the continents were.  Was told there were 5, Antarctica, Arctic, North America, South America, Europe ….  So we reviewed the continents and that there are 7.  This led to the insistance that Hawaii is part of the North American Continent, after all it is part of the USA ….


So when I cooled down enough to pull it up on the ubiquitious interwebs, I was told that I was wrong because I had said that Hawaii was it’s own continent …

Then I get told off for being ticked off!  FARK ME!!!!


~ by scawalrus on January 1, 2013.

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