The same media, the same harping on the same ‘virtues’ every christmas

Something that keeps raising it’s hideously ugly.  The ‘virtue’ of blind faith.

It’s insideously installed in so many movies of the season.  Most evilly into children’s movies.

I was watching ‘Elf’.  This is, by and large, a funny, and mostly harmless movie.  I say mostly harmless.  Because most of it is innocuious fun, and there is a theme of putting family above work, which is a good lesson, far from realistic in this economic reality, but a good lesson none than less.

However, toward the end of the show, when Santa is stuck in central park, the rocket engine on his sleigh broken, he says to Buddy’s brother and father that if people SEE him then the whole thing will be broken, people have to have faith without evidence.

People are required to act gullibly, required to give away their critical reasoning.  It is this ‘virtue’ that empowers priests to not only take money from the poor, but rape children.  It empowers snake oil salesmen to charge money for things that do not help and may poison or harm.  It empowers used car sales people to charge whatever they want for any lemon that comes along. It empowers politicians to do whatever they want and tell people anything they choose.

Blind faith is no virtue, it is nothing to be strived for, nothing to be lauded, it is the most despicable of features any human can have.  This surrender of reasoning and faculty renders people helpless to  the whims of any who come along.

Any human who willingly surrenders their reasoning capacity to others deserves the worst of what they get.  Those who were taught to value blind faith, have been abused as children.  And those who teach children this are criminals of the worst kind.

Think for yourself, don’t give the sale-person your decision making capacity.


~ by scawalrus on December 25, 2012.

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