Bigotry out in plain sight

So – ’tis the season.  I am stuck watching the pre-gurgitated crap that passes for movies.  The movie of the moment is ‘Christmas with the Kranks’.  This isn’t the first time I have seen it, but until this year I lacked the crystalised thoughts to put what bothered me about it into words.

So let’s look at a brief synopsis of the movie.

The Kranks, a family living in a suburban neighbourhood, send their adult daughter off to do her time in the peace corps.  With it now being just the two parents, the husband decides that rather than cope with the enormous stress of the chrismas rig-marole for just them, he’s going to plan a holiday getaway for himself and his wife.  They decide that they will skip the whole christmas thing this year, instead of spending the money on an empty rituals that would be hollow and meaningless without the family to do them with, they would use the money for a holiday cruise.

So what happens next?  The entire community goes absolutely spare in attempts to bully them into doing all the christmas rituals, without the slightest regard for their wishes.  They are bullied, guilt tripped, harrassed and brow-beaten. In the same kind of way that christians do their best to bully and brow-beat the rest of the world into their ways.

This is then rewarded when the wife hears that their daughter is making a surprise return for christmas.  She then turns on her husband, joining in the bullying and harrassing.  The entire community gets their way as the Kranks host a holiday party for the whole street.  In the end, the bullies win, and the family has their self-care holiday stripped from them.

How is this a positive story?  How is this something that is a good thing?  Why is anyone surprised that there is so much bullying going on when we celbrate and reward it?


~ by scawalrus on December 10, 2012.

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