The older I get the more I hate bones in soup.

I am going somewhere this this, I wish I could say where, but I honestly don’t know.  I guess I will find out.

I just made chicken soup from scratch at the request of my sick wife.  Now I like chicken soup, and I like home made.  Ok so I am not all that keen on vegetable soup masquarading as anything else.

But my problem is that soup should not have bones in it.How, you may ask, does my chicken soup have bones in it?  If you are asking this you have never, or almost never, made chicken soup from scratch.

You can make chicken soup from boneless chicken breast, but what you will get will be dry chunks of chicken in a watery broth – frankly folks, I’d rather eat my own jock-strap.  Chicken soup should be made from left over roast chicken carcas, or from chicken marylands (the drumsticks, thighs and hip of the chicken for the un-initiated) that have been hacked up, the hacking, being done by a meat cleaver if you want to save damage to your hands and frustration levels.

So, this is what I did, being as we didn’t have left over roast chicken carcas to boil.

Now why does this produce a better soup?  Well firstly it’s juicy dark meat gives a better end result than the unused (by the bird) dry, stringy meat.  Boiling the bones, especially those broken by the ceaver, pumps oodles of great flavour and nutrition into the soup, via the marrow etc.

So what does this mean for the soup?  It means that the soup has bones.  I hate bones in soup ….  See what I mean?

So, I am sitting there, on the couch, with the portable table in front of me, picking my way through my boney soup, pulling large and small bones and hunks of gristle out.  Loving the flavour, really not enjoying having bones in every single mouthful.  The whole time watching wannabe singers butcher some of my favorite songs in the quest to get votes from gullible and impressionable american audiences.  We WERE watching episodes of the first season of Smallville we have recenty aquired, but this damn singing competition came on.

I guess it doesn’t help that I rarely like re-make songs or covers, but we are now getting even further off track and topic.

While pikcing bones out of my mouth I touched on an a thought that has been rattling around in my head for – well for some time.  I haven’t been able to crystalise it, but it is coming.


~ by scawalrus on December 4, 2012.

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