What is shown by what we DON’T say

Language is a strong indicator of society, the common language shows what people commonly talk about, the attitudes that are commonly held.


What are the words that should not be words, should not exist, but still do?  What does that say about us as a society?

Atheist – a word that indicates NOT being something.  What could be more ridiculious?  Why would such a word be necessary?  Is there a word for someone who is not a stamp collector?  or someone who is not a nascar driver?  or someone who is not a gamer?  Think about it, no, there is not is there?

So why do we need a word for someone who is NOT religious?  why is it so important that we must have a word that should not exist to describe it?  Why is the concept so feared?

I don’t have the ultimate answers – but I am going to leave everyone to ruminate on that before giving my thoughts


Another thing about language, isn’t so much the language it’s self – but how it’s used.  The social mores.

Does anyone ever wonder why it is considered bad form to discuss religion, politics or people’s wages?  Why is that?

Discussions of religion; Serious, considered, thought out discussions; can only lead to the idea of religion being questioned.  If you don’t question it, there is no discussion.  so discussing religion leads to questioning it.  And questioning religion leads to seeing things that don’t make sense and a reduction in belief.

My argument is that it is ‘bad’ to question religion because religion wants to maintain the control …

What about politics?  Why is that bad to discuss?  Because people are heavily into their one side of a debate and get violent?  maybe.  What’s wrong with an active and engaged debate?  Because humans cannot have an intelligent discussion, maybe.  But why?  Why cannot people sit and discuss this rationally?  The US and THEM issue.  If you don’t agree with me you are the enemy – black and white thinking.  Why?  Because it is easier, simpler and it gives people an enemy.  Why should people need an enemy to be demonised?

Something to think about …
Discussing your wages with others?  Why are north americans’ so afraid of this?  because if the employee is armed with this information they know how poorly treated they are by the employer, they have the means to push back.


We, as members of this society, are heavily conditioned to avoid these ‘prickly’ topics because we are conditioned to avoid the conflict ….  self defeating no?


~ by scawalrus on November 25, 2012.

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