Crunchy crispy critters with more to do’s than hours in the day

Ok – so I seem to have hit a wall.  Mostly it is home ‘private’ life.  I’m really trying to put my shoulder to the wheel when it comes to self care. I’m joining or looking for or trying to look into making some social groups, I’ve taken up writing again, I’m gaming like a boss whenever I can, I’m gasping to get back to painting miniatures and doing oil paintings again, I’ve even started reading again …  kind of.  But I cannot actually squeeze time into the day to DO these things …

Every time I stop to do something like this for myself, I feel a weight of guilt the size of mount Vesuvius come down on my head, of all the things I ‘should’ be doing …  yes, I know, I am shoulding myself to death, but all these things are not niceties, they are essentials that I just can’t keep pace with.

If one cannot keep up with the needs of life, how does one get to the healing wants?

Something has to give.  And for me that has been sleep and self care, that seems to have been always how it’s been.


~ by scawalrus on August 17, 2012.

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