Right place, right time … time to get to work with a shoe-horn?

So some events turned up the past few days that I really want to get involved in, I’m just not sure I will be able to fit them into my days/weeks.

I may have mentioned that one of my hobbies and self care activities is painting miniatures and preparing models.  There is a guy local to me who decided he wanted to start something up socially/club wise surrounding this.  Basically he enjoys the same kind of thing and wanted to have some kind of a get together of others that did.

Well – Apparently we (that is my wonderful wife saw it and messaged him, then I followed up) are the second people to contact him about it, so hopefully he gets some more and we end up starting a group….  Waiting to hear back about that now.

The other is a group for speculative fiction authors.  It’s been a while since I tried to write anything, but we have an author friend who is looking to join, and both my wife and I think this might be fun  So we are going to our first meeting tonight.

The co-ordinator sent us a couple of pieces that the group is going to give some positive critical feedback on …..  Well – the first piece I read is a chapter in a series that one of the group has been authoring ….  I hope beyond all hope that this was a super duper rough first draft.  The names were completely inconsistent all through the whole thing, the language was, at best, awkward and stilted, the dialogue was completely inconsistent, the storyline thread was butchered like diced goat.  I am going to have trouble being constructive about this.

The second, it’s a longer piece, some 28 pages, and it has some very serious grammar problems of it’s own.

I think it might be wise to keep my mouth shut for a while and see what the kind of responses are.

But I am hopefull that this can turn into something enjoyable.  I just worry that I am going to be turned into an unpaid editor correcting and re-writing others’ works.  I’m not up for that!

So – an update later after the spec fiction author group meet-up.


~ by scawalrus on August 9, 2012.

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