The perfect shitstorm – which way was up again?

Okay, so you know how they teach pilots flying in poor visibility to trust their instruments – where the hell is MY artificial horizon?!?!

Local fire displaces almost 50 people, many of whom need accessible living and are in subsidized housing …..  blargh …  this is killing me here.  Not only do we have to assemble temporary (12 months) housing for these folks, but we have to also contend with the regular flock of people traipsing in hoping for housing or with bills that are burying them ….

I don’t feel in the least bit right about shutting people out and taking a break – people are desperate and in need of help.  But I only have so many hands, and one computer terminal.  LOTS of people were told to come back later for listings.  Feel kinda crappy about that.  If I had been here yesterday, the listings may have been all but done this am – but I was off helping family members survive phobia laden testing …  For WAY longer than I should have been.  Damn healthcare system shoestring budget is sinking fast.

Any-who – time to go home and sleep in for the whole weekend ….

HA who am I kidding, I won’t get to sleep much ….  I know this …  I have to fix the fucking computer – fucking windows has fucking torched itself!!


~ by scawalrus on July 28, 2012.

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