Peter pays Paul – or was Peter visited by Robin Hood who then paid a visit to Paul?

Damn you Robin Hood …..  I don’t need Robin Hood, I need Dr Who!  At this time we have been able to make Sundays work for some gaming ….  That is great, get together, some social stuff …  game till all hours ….  NOT SLEEP MUCH then go to work on Monday ….  It’s great for my self care, but brutal for my sleep – hence brutal for my self care ….

What’s worse, through the week I am the one facing the cooking, so I work, I go home, I try to relax then I cook, then we eat, usually late because I try to let my feet get to a less than agonizing point before I start standing around in a hot kitchen or running to and from a hot BBQ.

Eating late translates into going to bed late, which translates into little sleep …  you can see where this is going ….

I need more hours in the day.  I should probably have them during the night time so I can use them for sleep – but I think I would want them during the evening so I can do stuff I need to do

Huh – maybe our grocery shopping should include less preparable food and more pre-frozen instant meals.  Of course while I do like a little protein with my fat and salt, my health does not ….  I still haven’t worked out a solution to this dilemma….  Maybe I should give up this working lark and we should resign ourselves to living on disability and not getting anywhere in life ….  Yeah like that would be rewarding ….


~ by scawalrus on July 17, 2012.

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