Not what the plan included

But it would count as cultures, there seems to be a bit of a culture of entitlement, even surrounding the provision of such non-profit charity type services as I am doing.  The irony of the conservative mindset is, well, frankly, mind-blowing to me.

The idea that social services be provided to members of society is anathema to them.  Suggest it and many fly into frothing rages at the thought of taxes subsidizing assistance for those less fortunate ….  These services should only be provided by charity donation and volunteers.  Yet when it comes to administering and providing these services, professionals are demanded, on demand, round the clock and if the help cannot be given as wanted then there will be hell to pay.  The idea that one may have to wait in line with others – especially if those others are of what are perceived to be a lower class – or that people may have to apply for funding for help, and may not be accepted.  The idea that they are automatically more deserving of the help than others ….  And perhaps most of all the idea that no matter how irresponsible they are, someone else will clean up their mess.

Perhaps more frustrating from the point of view of doing the job, is that some refuse to talk to people about what their issues are, citing privacy or paranoia.  The cost of help is putting your pride away and putting your problems on the table.


~ by scawalrus on July 17, 2012.

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