“Why do we fall master Bruce?”

I feel like this past week has revealed some self care failures.  Sleeping patterns for one.  Abominable would be a rather generous way to describe them recently.  Failure to hire a maid, cook and masseuse would be another.  Abuse of my kidneys through excessive caffeine and sugar would be another – BAH!  I have two of them for a reason!  And that reason is probably that I need 3 but can’t find room with the 6 pack that I upgraded to a keg after giving up weightlifting.

My dark, cynical, ironic, sarcasm has been nipping at my butt cheeks threatening to bite me in the hairies.

My attempts to get a skeptical/humanist group going have been falling prey to my complete and utter slack-ass ness.

It’s time to replace my nose to the wheel methinks.


~ by scawalrus on July 10, 2012.

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