Tumbleweeds and creepy music

So when it comes to talk of boundary issues this week, the title says it all.  There really is SFA to add.  I have had no major issues or problems.  Client issues have been fairly straight forward.  Had I been rich there were some clients who I may have wanted to write cheques to – but I am not, so that kept the boundary at a good distance …  But then, were I rich, I could see myself regularly donating to the emergency slush-fund that our agency has ….  So then I wouldn’t be inclined to write personal cheques.


Ohhh – and clients lie ….  Everybody lies, some of them do it more blatantly than others ….  And some are better at it ….

Sometimes I wish we could confront clients on their lies, and sometimes I completely understand the drive to lie ….  When it is a desperation response to try to ensure they get service because they have been turned down or run over by so many other places, that I understand.  That I have lived ….


But when it is an attempt to try to get something they are not entitled to, that pisses me off ….


~ by scawalrus on July 10, 2012.

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