Not, Strictly Speaking, Office Learning

So I am attempting to extend my learning beyond the office here.  Especially when it comes to cultures and religions.  Because as much as I might WANT to learn about other cultures and religions I am going to have to reach a little beyond this particular puddle into the oceans outside.

So to that end I have been inserting myself into discussion forums that are likely to lead to cultural and religious intersections.

When it comes to the religious …  I have to admit, while I am fully capable of, have every intention of, and do my pest to respect the person.  I reserve the right to laugh at and ridicule the belief.

And I fail to understand why and how people can believe such mindlessly insane beliefs.  I honestly do not understand it.  And no-one has been able to explain it to me.

It’s not that I don’t see the comfort in it, I understand that part …  but I simply cannot make my brain swallow the stories that they claim as reality.  I think understanding how that happens, how it works, how people are able to suspend that reality test, may help me understand their mind-set better.

As for cultures ….  That I am finding a little more challenging….

I did promise to post about the cultures on a plate.  The lunch was good, definite positive noms.  I picked up a small handful of aboriginal recipes, since I am a food-a-phile that’s a good way for me to indulge in cultures.  The visit with the friendship centre wasn’t an in depth sampling, more of a brush with the culture.  But it was interesting none-the-less.  I am fascinated with different philosophies.


~ by scawalrus on July 10, 2012.

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