“Why do we stumble master Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up again.”

Today some in town self care, going to go visit a classmate who is running a fundraising and awareness raising event with her placement.  It involves food, music, kulcha, and I head off in some 15 mins of typing this.  And since I won’t be posting it till later – I will return and fill you all in on how it goes.

And I am not going to care if no-one is reading this!

So it’s been a few days before I got back two writing this ….  Visiting my classmate’s agency’s fund and awareness raiser was nice, got to meet some new people, try some quite yummy noms, that I would not have otherwise had the chance to try.  It was a pleasant change – even if it meant hiking around the town in long pants in record breaking heat.  And I can say, I now KNOW I enjoy Native American Tacos.


So on to more prosaic matters:- Next week’s class work is about the selfcare plan we were expected to build.  And while I had one, I am forced to admit, that it is steadily unraveling or meeting with failure …

So here I sit, noming on “Seasoned plantain chips” snacks.  In themselves a somewhat semi-failure of self care (I was looking for something like the typical trail mix banana chips and thought these might be good, they really are just a crunchy substrate for garlic and onion seasoning, luckily I like garlic and onion, but they are not what I was expecting or hoping for.)  looking at how to rebuild and re-vamp my SC plan.

First step:- Assessing what went wrong …  So what failed?  Well – not everything ….

The regular gaming has ground to a halt – through no fault of the gamers I must add.  In a way it’s a bit of a good thing, because we have to re-build our house interior – well ok, rebuild is a bit of a dramatic term for it, but there will soon be contractors traipsing around hunting for mould ….  Ohhh the joy!!  So we SHOULD spent the time we would have spent on gaming on moving most of the stuff in closets and rooms out of closets and rooms ….  Less than fun ….

However, I was able to complete the mapping project I needed to prepare the smaller game – so at some time we can re-pick up that and return to gaming in a smaller way.

The Skeptics, Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists, Humanists group – so far it has been a sputtering disaster.  Despite advertising on every skeptic, atheist and freethinker blog and podcast I am aware of, as well as on every group of similar substance on facebook, I got 2 expressions of interest so far, neither local.  Both nice folks with a genuine interest, but only one in the same country, neither in the same province, let alone region …

At the suggestion of my wife, I am going to try a different tac.  Advertise at the library, local university, local college and a few other places, and just dive in, hoping that there will be some water in the pool before I get to the bottom ….  So I figure, what is the worst that can happen?  I picked a meeting location that is pleasant enough, has reasonable value food, free wi-fi.  Now I am investigating the advertising shenanigans with the university, going to stop by the college and library and around town  once I know about the university newsletter etc and have selected a timing for the event.  It will be a weekend for now, simplicity is best.  So to continue to build a topic list that might interest people ….


Apparently, according to my belt notches anyway, I am loosing some weight, I may have to downgrade from keg to case – though I very much doubt I will ever make it to six-pack.  I suppose this is a good thing.  My sainted ever loving wife seems to think so anyway.


I now have a plan that allows me to indulge a few more of my loves.  On the busses too and from ‘work’ or other running around, I listen to my much enjoyed podcast.  At home, I am reading.  A series of books borrowed from a friend.  The Dresden Files series.  After reading them, I have a long list of others things to read ….  So will see what next.


These damn ‘seasoned plantain chips’ are kinda growing on me …  a little like a cancer I think …  I must stay strong and never buy them again …  Because despite being lower than I expected in salt content (30 mg/40 g of chips) they are high in complex carbos – big surprise there, NOT!  I am however surprised about the fat content.  But after hearing about some recent research into human nutrition, I am not as concerned about that.  What DID surprise me on looking at the nutritional info is the iron content …  maybe I should eat more of them ….  Well, like I said, the nasty little things are growing on me now ….


That is all for now …  stay tuned to this likely utterly booring and mind numbing channel for more blandishments from a Walrus out of water!


~ by scawalrus on June 26, 2012.

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