The Gong Show.

Been working on my projects for self care.  With less success than I would like ….  So let’s review.

Starting a social group of skeptics, atheists, humanists and freethinkers ….  Not happening so far, reached out on facebook for some expressions of interest but nothing, think I will have to try something a little more permanent than a wall poll …  Done – now to promote that around a bit …  So working on the promotion here …  that’s taking a bit of work, but making connections with global podcasts is helpful!  Contacting a bunch of blogs and podcasters to ask them to give me a brief shout out and hopefully contact some locals and point them to the group …  Ok – think that should do the trick ….


The gaming weekends may have seen their last for a while.  Our friend, while simultaneously finding a potential new initiate, has had his shifts moved around.  So once that gets finalized we’ll look into what days or evenings or whatever work for who and so forth.  But I was able to finish the needed map for the smaller game.  So that is ready to go!

The picnic day was fun, was a pot-luck with WAY too much food of course – but some very nomable noms.  It is a nice thing to do with the staff to be social

The long days have not really ended …  still having a lot of them – if we want or need to get anything done through the week realisitically it has to be after work – which usually then means around another hour + on the bus.  There are advantages to extra time on the bus, like listening to podcasts, reading books …  but there are also disadvantages – like it being lots of dead time …

Also been having discussions with my supervisor about self care, and taking the 15 minute breaks during the 4 hour intake shifts.  I understand the thoughts there, but I just don’t find that to be much of a stress reliever usually.  I find that I get a bit more stressed thinking about the people who I am making wait for help, the appointments they may be getting late for, the other commitments they have.  I have been on that side of the desk, I feel it is more important to get the queue handled as soon as possible.

Those are the thoughts for the day …  I think …


~ by scawalrus on June 14, 2012.

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