Keep your crisis in 9-5 Ma’am

This is one of those multi-regional type issues, it fits in the boundaries region as well as somewhat in the self-care region.

Working in a social service agency, we are open 9-12, 1-4:30 to see and speak to clients.  12-1 we have our lunch, and the office is closed, door locked the whole 9 yards.  There is a good reason for this.

While sometimes some of us do stay in the office – often in the lunch room or similar – many of us go out for lunch – well those that can afford to purchase lunch often.  (I really don’t say this out of any bitterness, it’s just a statement of fact).  In the past clients have wandered in during lunch time and had potentially free access to private information – so the policy was instituted a number of years ago that the office must be locked.  This is a group boundary issue.  It is to protect staff, as well as our client base.

So we are not taking clients through the lunch hour, and they have to wait until we are done at 1.  Of course when sitting in the office eating left overs for lunch, it’s very hard not to just finish up a client file, finish up the case notes, or whatever.  I know I am supposed to put it down until we re-open, but that risks forgetting things, it risks getting or remaining behind.  Often at 1 we get an influx of people, leaving no time to finish up stuff we had from before lunch….

So I see it as a small bit of self care to finish things up while my lunch is in the microwave…

Then I sit down and check facebook – maybe play some angry birds to relax  (nothing feels as relaxing as smashing birds into stone blocks from a slingshot!!).

Am I wrong to finish stuff up during lunch hour? I’m not sure …..


~ by scawalrus on June 8, 2012.

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