Week 4, more of the same, but wheels are starting to turn, at least internally.

Ok – so we’ve had what may be the last weekend gaming session for a while.  I may have to get my backside to work and fix up the mapping so I can run our little sessions just the two of us.  That will play out as it does.

But on the overall story arc front, some wheels are starting to turn ….  I’m making inroads into facing the fear of repercussions of starting skeptics, humanists or atheists groups …..  my biggest concern right now is finding members and cost.  This isn’t just going to be a low budget exercise – it’s to be a no budget exercise ….. ….  Hmmmm …..

So – to start a social skeptical/humanist/atheist group – one goes to the site putting together resources for this ….  And then one discovers that the project is being put down like a much loved pet ….  Then I haz sad!

So I have contacted the closest skeptical organization to me to ask for some tips and advice ….  Now to look in some other places…

So – poking around a bit, I think my next step is to poll for expressions of interest locally…  looks like facebook it is ….  After work of course ….

Thinking of self care activities, one of my volunteer organizations is having it’s monthly ongoing training meeting, and our group is supposed to provide some noms …  grocery store on the way there methinks …..  Gaghh!!

So on the selfcare front – taking part in a collective office/team selfcare afternoon, a team picnic, I didn’t manage to get the pie I had planned to bring baked – I didn’t have my calendar notated properly and forgot my volunteer commitments last night…

This week is just filled with LONG ass days – Tues, finish at 9:30 – home at 10-10:30  Wed much the same, Thursday same again …..  The Wednesday evening one is a support group meeting, so that is self care, the Thursday one is a volunteer commitment facilitating a psycho-educational group, so that is kind of self care too – but all this self care is exhausting!!  I think I need a holiday from all the self care!!  Go figure ….


~ by scawalrus on June 6, 2012.

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