Boundaries – my fence / your fence

I don’t know what to say here.  I seem to be coming across less boundary issues than I expected.  I do sometimes have to fight the urge to personally help some clients myself – but this is easier because I don’t have the resources to do that anyway.  I haven’t got to the point of blurting anything out.

I have had one or two incidents of clients trying to manipulate me into bending or breaking rules for them.  I didn’t enjoy that, kind of felt, well I guess the best description is somewhat dirty, after that.  It makes me angry, since we are working here with very limited resources to try to help people who are in desperate need of help, and there are people who could likely manage on their own who try to manipulate the system.

I’m currently listing to a back-issue of ‘Skepticality’ podcast where they are talking to a psychology expert about ‘social engineering’  or ‘hacking people’.  A lot of this is about exploiting the weaknesses of human nature and psychology.  This is a subject that fascinates me greatly.  I’ve always been a fan of working out what makes people tick, but thinking about things on such a primal and functional level as was being discussed in the podcast is really engaging me.

Back to my own boundary support growth ….  It amazes me, maybe it shouldn’t, but it does, it just amazes me that people can attempt to be so carelessly manipulative, do such an incredibly poor job at it, and then think they are likely to be successful.

I grew up with a parent who was incredibly manipulative, and he was substantially more subtle than these people are being – and HE was clumsy and inept.  Do these people who turn up trying to get funds they are not entitled to really think they are good at what they are doing?  It’s kind of insulting that they think I am that naive to be honest….

On reflection I think I need to be careful not to be to complacent about this. Because Murphy’s law states that as soon as I get complacent, the mastermind is going to turn up ….


~ by scawalrus on June 5, 2012.

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