Self care, the early weeks….

Blogging is supposed to be self care.  I’m not good at blogging or journaling …  and it’s 3 weeks in and I have just started.  I guess I count that as an increase in my self-care activities?

For me, just starting in placement has been self care.  When I started I was practically bouncing off the walls – well, on the inside.  It’s the most anticipatory …  err the most POSITIVE anticipatory feeling I have had in a long long time.

Socials.  Urgh, this is tough.  I’m by nature a very introverted.  This is compounded by my preferred social hobbies.  I’m a gamer…..  yes yes one of those nerds who sits around with a bag of dice yelling madly at every 20 rolled!!  So we try to get together with a group regularly.  This poses problems in this town.  Gamers tend to be nerds, yes I know it’s a stereotype, but that doesn’t make it less true, the bulk of us are.  And nerds often pick up jobs in tech support.  Again, I know it’s another stereotype, but it is also commonly true.

As anyone living in this area will confirm, call centre (and hence tech support) jobs are the prime mover in the workforce here.  And MOST of the people living in this area can probably confirm that call centres are callous and cruel when it comes to their employees having social lives.  Schedules tend to be shifted at a moment’s notice, and getting regular days off is …  well let’s just say you need some kind of miracle to achieve it.  As for getting a group of people with the same days off?  BAHA!!  That is like farming for hen’s teeth!  We get together with a tiny group, and right now that is at risk of yet another schedule re-shuffle, so we will have to wait and see how things go there.

Other options.
I am active on some peer support networks online.  Helping others helps me, so that is good.  I have been running a psycho-educational group for families of the mentally ill with the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario called Strengthening Families Together.  SSO has become more and more micro-managed lately, so I am withdrawing my volunteer help from most of their activities – which is now almost entirely fundraising only.  I don’t do fundraising, it’s not what I am good at and it won’t help me recover.  So I intend to continue doing the facilitation of the SFT, as well as helping out with the newly renamed Peace of Minds walk.  But that is where my volunteer activies will end with the SSO for the time being.

Miniature art, I greatly enjoy paining miniatures.  The two largest problems with that are expense and space.  I really cannot do this inside as the fumes cause migraines for my family.  The expense part, I have temporarily defeated, I have miniatures to paint, and paint.  Of course having the time to devote to this is another matter …..

Reading – This I dearly enjoy.  But I cannot always whittle away the dross in my brain to allow me to focus on a book.  But I try.  And this too suffers from a lack of time…

Computer and video games – These I eat up like candy …  but I tend to end up very addicted to.  So I have been avoiding them very rigorously for a couple of years now ….

Eating – yeah yeah ok, all have your laughs now.  I am a stress eater, and by habit I tend to browse more than eat meals (and be healthier for that when I have the opportunity).

Engaging in philosophical and theological discussions – this is a weird one, even for me. I tend to do this online so as to avoid causing problems for me IRL – you know, don’t poop where you eat or sleep kind of rule ….

That’s all I can think of for the ground-work right now ….  I’ll drop by later to add more …


~ by scawalrus on June 2, 2012.

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