Intro to my Placement sub-blog

Welcome welcome, roll up roll up!

This sub-blog is categorised for my placement.  Why?  Because part of my learning goals is to journal/blog my learnings.

Some ground rules – at no point will I post identifying information of any client.  That is a big and clear no-no in my book.  If for some reason you think I may have – please please PLEASE let me know and I will remove it post-haste.

I reserve the right to filter and remove inapropriate comments on blog posts under this category.  Just because you comment on it does not mean that will get published.  Freedom of speech definately exists.  But not on my blog, on my blog it is my rules.  If you don’t like that, go to the wordpress homepage and start your own blog ….

Anyone viewing this blog from my class or school will likely know where I am and where I am schooling – I will not permit comments to reveal that, and I do not intend to reveal it here.  Don’t ask me, if you don’t know you weren’t meant to know.

This is about what I have learned with maybe some commentary on my view of the system – NOT about political statements, NOT about clients  etc etc


That said, welcome to the thread!!


~ by scawalrus on May 31, 2012.

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