To those who take offence at my atheism

So apparently there have been complaints about my rationalism and support for social justice.

“Merry Christmas” A collection of lies I am expected to participate in.
“Happy Easter” Another bundle of lies I am expected to participate in.
Just two in the long list of religious garbage I am expected to engage in or be attacked.
And if I don’t? I’m the one who is being offensive, insulting and disrespectful. I can’t even buy tasty buns without being offensive ….
Best of all, I get to regularly be TOLD what I believe and how I think. And to correct them is offensive and disrespectful.

NO! Fuck that shit! The level of ignorance I have to tolerate on a daily and weekly basis is incredible.
When people rant on, and then end with ‘god bless’ in that hypocritical way like that is supposed to excuse the ignorance of their tirade, I am supposed to sit down and take it. I am supposed to support them publicly raving about their fanatical belief in things that have no shadow of evidence.

But when I revel in my lack of belief, in rationalism. I am constantly told how horrible and disrespectful this is, and how atheists are responsible for all the ills of the world. And when I point out the evils done by religion and belief, I am automatically the evil bad guy. I am not the one responsible for the millions of children raped by clerics of every stripe the world over, but I am painted as the bad guy if I draw attention to it. Apparently the church’s solution is to just keep moving the cleric to new feeding grounds.
But saying that will get me screamed down.

I don’t give a single solitary stuff. If you come to my wall or blog, and get offended by my revelling in my own rationalism, that is not my problem.

Accuse me of being a devil worshipper – what ironical stupidity, if I don’t believe in god, why would I believe in the devil? Idiots. Yes, you know who you are.

I am an atheist, I do NOT believe, this is not that I do believe in science, or I do believe in xyz – that is shit. Read my lips, I do NOT believe. Do I TRUST science, sure. I extend provisional acceptance of the scientific consensus. And I reserve the right to withdraw that acceptance if the body of evidence changes.

It’s not about belief you numb-skulls get over yourselves, it’s not all about who can believe the most fantastical story without thinking critically about it. I am not one of the gullible masses that believers are so fond of calling sheeple. I refuse to accept claims without evidence. If you find that offensive, then go be elsewhere. I will be happier without you darkening my doorstep.

I also have a much higher personal ethics than most believers who accuse me of doing what they would do.
I have never, would never and will never, enter my workplace and attempt to tell clients what to believe or not believe. I work under a very strict policy of supporting a client in their own beliefs or lack thereof whatever my personal thoughts or feelings about that belief are.

The half arsed accusations are offensive in the extreme – yet I am expected to forgive this because they are defending their faith. NO! It’s offensive, aggressive and I will not tolerate that kind of slander. If people don’t like that, stiff cheese.


~ by scawalrus on January 5, 2012.

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