They would even use your grief as a cloak.

So as a volunteer telephone counsellor we are given training on an ongoing basis. Being dependant on availability and willingness and lack of costs of other agencies or professionals.


Most recently we had a training night on grief training run by program called “Grief Share”.

Some basics, the program states it is biblical based, scripture based, jesus based grief program.


The program is run through the chaplins in the local prisons. I am not sure if there is any other choice for grief counselling. But there is a very definite drive to preach and convert.


There was even a cursory mention of non christians and atheist was mentioned. But in such a way that made it seem like these people really didn’t have a concept of what an atheist was.


There was never even a nod to the idea that some people may need services that were not denominationally or non religious based. In fact the demo video specifically said that the idea of grief survival without god was ‘a dead end’.


My stomach heaved through the whole training as well meaning people talked about doing to people what the well meaning missionaries did to the Malaysian Tsunami victims by bringing half a vehicle of supplies to make room for half the vehicle of bibles.


While there may possibly have been some positive grief counselling and tools, they cannot have been well applied, as it is a matter of getting together a bunch of victims, a dvd player, and some snacks in a room and leaving them to it. And on top of that, no real information was offered to us, the phone counsellors who would be dealing with grieving people on a daily basis. It was nothing more than a sales pitch for a missionary drive.


Was I surprised? Not once the “this is a jesus based, biblical, scripture based program” talk started. Not surprised at all. Dissapointed? Maybe a little.


I think there is a room for and a need for secular social workers and a secular social worker organisation. Just a thought …..


~ by scawalrus on November 2, 2011.

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