Mc-Chucks (McDonalds for you northern hemisphereites)

Ok – so I posted a blark about he gawd-awful redesign they did at the local mc-chucks – it was short for three reasons.

1, I was on my blackberry, and that is not exactly conducive to long discussions of the text variety.  Although it is better than most 12 key phones…

2, I was constantly getting elbowed and jostled and jousted – see my upcoming review

3, to actually get ONLINE on their wi-fi requires suffering through repeated and stilted mc-chucks advertising pages that, despite being local rather than on the interwebs proper, are slower and of much poorer design than the interwebs general fare.


So some of what I am about to say is general about their new look, and some is specific to this location


The first thing I thought when I walked in was “They went from what they had TO this?!?!  Where did all the space go?”


So Mc-Chucks general – it’s obviously intended to be more ‘hip’ and ‘funky’, the furnature is more modern design.  And while I did not have the opportunity to actually sit on it, it sure as hell looks just about as uncomfortable and unwelcoming as I have ever seen.

The decour style is supposed to be chic – but it is way too busy and cluttered.  About the only positive thing I could say about it is that the bench-tables had a new feature.  It took me about 10 minutes of scratching my head to work out what it was.  But it turns out it is handbag hooks.  And yes, it took me that long because it looks so weird.

The push seems to be for chairs without backs and double booths.

Ohhh – and mc-chucks now has free wi-fi.  Welcome to the 20th century!!  Of course once you access this you are directed to at least 2 pages (I jumped the load and redirected my hijacked browser before it went to a third) that are pure, unadulterated, mc-chucks advertising and properganda.  And to make things worse, they are poorly designed, slow to load and cumbersome.  At least they sure as hell are on a handheld device.

The internet itself – once you extricate your navigation from the it’s a small world of mc-chucks ride – is actually reasonablly fast and responsive.  Positively comparable to my college.


So – location specific now.

This location used to have a good amount of space, so what did they do?  They built a wall around the counter so that when you enter the area you are bottlenecked and also making the customer facing counter smaller.  They narrowed the walkway between the tables.  They made all the tables double table booths instead of just tables.  Effectively cutting the seating space approximately in half.  More than 2 people ordering and suddenly you have a traffic jam because of the floorspace bottleneck built around the counter.  The line of backlogged wannabe customers went out of that bottleneck and around the entire dining room.


My experience – I entered the regular door to see a backlogged crowd waiting to order, I had to elbow my way not just across the line, but right the way along it to get to the back of the line.  Then every single person who had a tray of food had to elbow their way back through the line to get to a table.  And if you needed the bathroom, Guess what?  that’s right, break out the elbow pads people!


Then there is the menu above the servers.

I understand they want to unclutter it.  But let’s not get stupid here folks.  You crammed loads of clutter into the dining room to the point of having to put walls around the serving counter to stop customers from being pushed against the servers while waiting.  Now you want to UN clutter the menu – so that it is mostly black blank space, with a couple of items – then one panel of everything else on the menu in small print?


My overall review –

local redesign – special category of shit-poor gold medal 5 turds

General style – attempts at trendy, chic – poorly excecuted 2 turds

Menu look – 8 turds

I will revoke 1 turd for the handbag hooks – but I re-provide it for making them look like some kind of steam punk piston accessory and entirely out of place.

Overall 15 turds

That takes a short-bus kind of special to spend money on!!

P.S.  My wife pointed out that I hadn’t made a comment on the exterior, the exterior that is now square and blocky and all blacks and greys.  So very vibrant and positive and life affirming and welcoming!!  (I would award more turds but I have already given my total!)


To me this kind of smacks of poor architects who barely made it past their exams looking for big money for something drawn on a cocktail napkin.  The big corp got rolled by a poor poor job.



~ by scawalrus on November 1, 2011.

One Response to “Mc-Chucks (McDonalds for you northern hemisphereites)”

  1. Return to the scene of the crime.
    I had some time to kill next to that mc-chucks again today … and a hankering to nurture my inner child with the Star Wars happy meal toy (going to see if I can collect the lot of course DUH!)

    So I stopped in, admired the uber cool star wars spinning tops featuring favorite characters and then got a happy meal ….

    As I am sitting there munching away I suddenly realise, despite the dismal gloomy day, the restraunt does NOT feel like a dungeon … I look around.
    Most of the black is gone, there is a bright sunny yellow, still some funky artsy walls – not to my taste but not detracting now, and lots of classy looking (though fake) wood panels, the glass or perspexs dividers were no longer very dark, but were light and more tansparent, and the lighting was vastly improved.

    I honeslty did not expect a response from the corporate machine here, but I have to be honest, the change is impressive.

    Of course the news is not all good – I topped off my happy meal with one of the new double fillet o fish burgers – I regretted that…. VERY dry – it’s been a long time since I have had a mac-chucks fish burger – and it will be a long time till I try it again.
    But, at least I don’t feel dismal and black when I walk into the local maccas!

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