Moving goalposts to demonstraight stupidity and generate bitterness

So my wonderfully sweet, dedicated, loving and highly cared for wife is sitting upstairs watching show after show of ‘ghost hunters’ in a gh marathon ….  I went upstairs in a break from college assignment work (interspersed with procrastination) to make a drink and come back down – and update the podcasts on my blackberry to listen to in the background.

We have had the “Fuck do we have to have that complete crap on?!?!” discussion before – usually when  was particularly tired and crabby.

So I bit my tongue and set about getting my chores done.  Every time they committed a particularly egregious and obvious piece of …  well out and out lying or dishonesty I would be unable to keep my teeth planted in the flesh of my tongue.


I wish there was some kind of integrity in the media that would stop they from publishing something as a documentary or any kind of documentary like thing when it has not a shred of evidence and many obvious lies and deceptions.


There is more than enough real, evidence based stuff in the world that could be turned into fascinating shows, the difference is that it would take a little effort because you need to actually get REAL stuff for the show rather than just make it up.


~ by scawalrus on October 30, 2011.

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