Credulious and disingenuious television.

I like ghost stories as much as the next man. I enjoy tv shows with characters that are supernatural heroes or villans.

But the catch is that I enjoy the shows that don’t pretend to be related to reality – they man up and admit that it is fantasy.

I HATE ‘reality’ tv shows. They are the banal bane of the existence of thinking TV audiences the world over.

So you can imagine my feelings on these ‘docu-dramas’ that try to convince mindless audiences that they are actually hunting for ghosts or solving hauntings.

I cannot stomach this shit in the least. And every time I turn on the TV looking for something entertaining, with witty commentary on society – like The Simpsons or The Big Bang Theory – there is almost no time of day there isn’t some kind of gullible, credulous or hyper religious fraudulent crap that is on. And if there isn’t it is because that is news hour and if you flip around you will find some half witted reporter telling the world that some particular line of spurious, over marketed, fraudulent, credulous marketing scheme or pseudo-scientific conspiracy theory trying to sell crap as diamonds at twice the price to the underpaid under-serviced masses.

It boils my blood. But beyond that, and perhaps worse than that, it confirms my utter loathing of humankind and despising of human nature and gullibility.


~ by scawalrus on October 27, 2011.

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